Recapturing My Creativity

 Recapturing My Creativity

This month was not an unqualified success. Nonetheless, my sense of creeping and deflating stuck‐ness was replaced by a renewed sense of possibility, and where I made mistakes, I’ve gained an acute understanding of how to do better next time around. I feel in the end like a winner: like I’ve recaptured that creative “something”.

Creativity isn’t all or nothing, junk or genius. More often than not, it can only be judged by an ephemeral sense of movement. When I measure the results against my pre‐conceived ideas of how good it will be, I’m setting myself up for defeat. When I focus on the effort and know I’ve given it my all, I’m not realistically accounting for the results. The sweet spot has me working hard and surprising myself with the results…with the movement.

I’d love to hear thoughts on your own struggles with creativity!

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