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Tips For Imaginative Educators #15: Change The Context

(Source: The Task (1785), Book II, “The Timepiece” William Cowper 1731-1800) Most people like variety; it keeps life interesting. Unfortunately, few people associate typical schools or classrooms with variety.  Indeed, it is the routinization of patterns and behaviours that makes most classrooms run like well-oiled machines.  In addition, no matter how artfully decorated, the classroom space many students experience on a […]Read More

Imaginative Education (IE): Activities & Insights

Introducing #imaginEDchat

I (@perfinker) recently teamed up with inspiring, imaginative educator Ms. Olwen Cowan. We created a Twitter-based imagination-focused Professional Learning Network (PLN) (@imaginEDnow). We invite you to get involved in our monthly #imaginEDchat and meet/learn from other educators around the world who are passionate about engagement, creativity and imagination in education. We hope you’ll join us each #wonderWed (the first […]Read More

Random Ideas About Education

Where Is The Song In The Heart Of Education?

By Kieran Egan Lesson objective: To show the emotional importance of the content. For six months during a previous century—hard now to remember which one but you’ll see from what follows it doesn’t really matter—I was a Franciscan novice, in a Friary on the edge of the Surrey Downs in England. Our weekday mornings involved […]Read More

Random Ideas About Education Wonder-Full Links & Resources

What can imaginED do for you?

Many educators in the Northern Hemisphere are winding down for summer holidays–and so are we! Before the holidays officially start we would like to know how we can best support your needs and interests in the future. As you may know, imaginED aims to enable imagination-focused teaching in all contexts, from formal to alternative learning contexts, and from primary school through […]Read More

Learning In Depth (LiD)

Why Learning in Depth? (LiD)

(Are you a LiD teacher?  Do you want free support for your LiD work? Subscribe to imaginED and stay informed! Free. No cost.  No spam.  One weekly update email. Lots of LiD action coming in the Fall of 2016.) By Linda Holmes (MEd) Learning in Depth (LiD) is a unique program. It is only natural that educators have lots of […]Read More

Imaginative Education (IE): Activities & Insights

Tips For Imaginative Educators #14: Illuminate Extremes & Limits

Books like the Guinness Book of World Records or Ripley’s Believe it or Not don’t stay on the shelf for long.  Young people are often fascinated (obsessed) with the limits of experience and the extremes of reality, and these books reveal all the record-breaking aspects of the world. I recall leafing through our own home copy at about age 9 or 10, just […]Read More

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