Month: August 2020

CIRCE Imaginative Educational Leadership (IEL)

Leading With An Imaginative Mindset Through A Pandemic: Being Adaptable

By Jonathan Sclater (Principal, MEd in Imaginative Education, @jonathansclater) The sudden and immediate disruption to our daily routines with the onset of the COVID-19 global pandemic has required all of us to prioritize what is most important and essential. At the forefront of this conversation is the well-being of our families and education of our […]Read More

CIRCE Imaginative Educational Leadership (IEL)

EDvent, An Event For Educators

By Rose Pillay (K-12 independent schools’ educational consultant, @rosepillay1) EDvent launched in 2016 as a networking party for educators. Hosted on a school night, EDvent is an interlude for imagination. From the selfie-wall and self-serve candy bar to the shared appetizers and door prizes, the ticketed event aims to create a fun, friendly and festive […]Read More