Month: February 2019

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Of Frogs and Fishes – Understanding Inquiry as a Pedagogical

By Rebecca Roman (with contributing edits by Dr. Tim Waddington)   I’m seven years old, playing in a shallow stream at the park. I’m about up to my knees and trying to catch frogs. I finally catch one, looking at its legs, touching its skin and hearing its plaintive cry. Rrrriiibit! My mom tells me to […]Read More

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Dialogue Series on Imagination in Research & Teaching

You are invited! Please join us for this seminar series on the multi-faceted nature of imagination. About The Series The Possible’s Slow Fuse is a scholarly dialogue series organized by the Centre for Imagination in Research, Culture & Education (CIRCE) and the Research Hub of the Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University. Our 2019 series offers six stimulating […]Read More

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Imagination Matters: CIRCE’s Events & Adventures (February 2019)

Ebulletin Contents Welcome Message from Dr. Gillian Judson, Executive Director, CIRCE Upcoming Events Learn More & Participate Study With CIRCE: Graduate Programs at SFU Some of CIRCE’s Recent Events & Adventures CIRCE International:  Italy, Mexico, Chile (Sept 2018-January 2019) Support CIRCE   Greetings imaginative colleagues! CIRCE has had an active and successful launch! Our new […]Read More