Month: September 2018


On Critical Data Literacy And Student Engagement

I’m pleased to be part of the From The Ground Up initiative in the Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University Surrey. To support our Faculty’s goals of enriching our scholarly community and learning more about our colleagues, each seminar involves one of our community members sharing about their current and past research projects and interests. I’m […]Read More

CIRCE Ebulletins & Announcements

CIRCE Update

growing engaged minds; imagining and making better worlds CIRCE is growing and changing! Our Academic Council and our Board of Advisors are taking shape and we have added STEAM to our portfolio of topics. Check out the all-new STEAM initiative led by Dr. Jailson Lima of Vanier College in Quebec. Do you integrate imagination, creativity, […]Read More

CIRCE Imaginative Education (IE): Activities & Insights

Join Me At CIRCE

growing engaged minds; imagining and making better worlds The Centre For Imagination In Research, Culture, and Education, or CIRCE [pronounced sur-see], has launched from Simon Fraser University! For those of you who were friends of the IERG (the Imaginative Education Research Group), the IERG is getting a major face-lift; it has been transformed into CIRCE! (Here’s […]Read More

Walking Curriculum

Taking Baby Steps With The Walking Curriculum

By Lana Steiner (Middle years Math educator, MEd student in Math Education) I truly believe changing one’s teaching practice should be evolutionary, not revolutionary. What I mean by that is that several smaller actions over time have a more profound effect upon one’s overall teaching practice than sporadic large-scale changes. One reason why I believe […]Read More