Month: May 2018

Imaginative Historical Education & Inquiry (IHI): Activities & Insights

The Uses And Abuses Of “Constructivism” As A Pedagogical Concept

By Tim Waddington What’s in word? Quite a lot, it turns out. Sometime during the spring of 1597, William Shakespeare ironically stuffed the phrase “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet” into the hopelessly smitten and abundantly naïve mouth of fair Juliet, thereby expressing the latter’s rather convenient indifference to her Romeo’s […]Read More

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The Power Of Imagination (III): Visualizations & Debate

Welcome to Part 3 in this mini-series on the Power of Imagination by Dr. Kevin Byron.  (Part One: Myths, Stories, & Thought Experiments ; Part Two: Abstractions, Analogy, Metaphor) Enjoy! Please leave a comment to continue the conversation. The boundary between our real and imaginary world has become more and more indistinct recently with developments in […]Read More

Imaginative Education (IE): Activities & Insights Wonder-Full Links & Resources

The Power of Imagination (II): Abstractions, Analogy & Metaphor

Welcome back to this 3-part mini series entitled The Power of Imagination by Dr. Kevin Byron. In Part I, Kevin describes the connections between imagination and Myths, Stories, & Thought Experiments. In this post he discusses abstraction, analogy, and metaphor.  Enjoy! Abstraction concerns the mind’s extraordinary ability to think about ideas, principles and things that have […]Read More

Walking Curriculum

Imaginative Art Activities for The Walking Curriculum

Author & Artist: Adelle Caunce Playing in the Muck and Other Art Activities: Imaginative Art Activities for The Walking Curriculum is designed to go with The Walking Curriculum (Judson, 2018). It contains fun, art-based activities that correspond directly with 30 of the walking themes (e.g. The Vertical World Walk, The Growth Walk, The Lovely/Unlovely Walk etc.). The activities are […]Read More

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Walk The Talk

By Lidor Wyssocky (@LidorWyssocky, @seempli) No, it’s not an error… A long, long time ago, in a different lifetime, maybe even on a different planet, I used to walk to school and back every day. It wasn’t common back then for parents to give their kids a ride to school, the distance didn’t justify a school bus […]Read More