Month: June 2017

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Learning In Depth Meets Imaginative Ecological Education

Title: Supporting Ecological Understanding through In-Depth and Imaginative Study of a Place-Based Topic or Issue Abstract: Many have observed that the curriculum is a mile wide and scarcely an inch deep. This article provides a rationale for including in-depth study of a place-based/local topic within educational programs aimed at cultivating ecological understanding. Following a brief exploration of […]Read More

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Look Out! A Spontaneous Eruption Of Cognitive Tools!

By Dr. Tim Waddington You are not going to make it all the way through to the end of this blog, guaranteed! Anyone with even limited teaching experience will attest that the following scenario is true, … can feel true, … has the unsolicited air of ‘truthiness’ lurking about it. Every teacher, even the great […]Read More

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Creative Thinking In Math Classrooms

By Matthew Oldridge (Father, TEDx speaker, mathematics educator, and thinker.) When I was first thinking about mathematics as a critical and creative endeavour, I wrote this piece for The Learning Exchange (Ontario Ministry of Education) blog. It is upsetting that kids don’t see mathematics as a creative, living and vibrant subject. (Some don’t, at least.) […]Read More