Month: July 2016

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Tips For Imaginative Educators #15: Change The Context

(Source: The Task (1785), Book II, “The Timepiece” William Cowper 1731-1800) Most people like variety; it keeps life interesting. Unfortunately, few people associate typical schools or classrooms with variety.  Indeed, it is the routinization of patterns and behaviours that makes most classrooms run like well-oiled machines.  In addition, no matter how artfully decorated, the classroom space many students experience on a […]Read More

Imaginative Education (IE): Activities & Insights

Introducing #imaginEDchat

I (@perfinker) recently teamed up with inspiring, imaginative educator Ms. Olwen Cowan. We created a Twitter-based imagination-focused Professional Learning Network (PLN) (@imaginEDnow). We invite you to get involved in our monthly #imaginEDchat and meet/learn from other educators around the world who are passionate about engagement, creativity and imagination in education. We hope you’ll join us each #wonderWed (the first […]Read More